Trousers and Skirts

Our range of girls and boys school trousers and skirts are smart, comfortable and are designed to last.

Durability defined

So whether your pupils are sat in the classroom or running around on their lunch break, our garments are robust enough to last the entire school year.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to choose the right trousers and skirts for a particular school, it is important to get the right style and fit and to ensure the fabric will last and look good every single day. Here at Price & Buckland we can provide advice and guidance at every step of the way, helping you to get select the garments that are right for the rest of your uniform.
So there is no need to be anxious about skirt lengths or trouser leg lengths or the challenges of matching the colours to the rest of your look, we have enough options and a skilled customer services team and you’ll have all the confidence you need.

Skirt Lengths and Fabrics

Our straight and pleated school skirts are available in short (18”), regular (20”) or long (22”) lengths. All are made in a polyester/viscose/elastane fabric.

Trouser Lengths and Fabrics

School trousers are available in short, regular and long lengths. Boys trousers are made in a polyester/viscose and girls trousers are made in a polyester/viscose/elastane fabric.

If you need a little inspiration for other elements of your uniform, don’t forget we also offer a range of school shirts, polo shirts, blazers and ties. So get in touch with us now and we can help you to come up with a distinctive and classy look that is bespoke to your school.