PB Sport is a leading international sportswear manufacturer, supplying thousands of schools, teams and clubs with high quality and fully bespoke performance sports kits.

Serious about sport

At PB Sport we believe that perfect school sportswear is one step towards ensuring a perfect performance. If your team looks the part, they’ll feel the part too.

We are passionate about getting your people active and promoting sport and fitness across the board; our sports ranges aim to inspire wellbeing, achievement and leadership and we strive to produce comfortable and stylish clothing suitable for everyone from the elite team players to those taking their first steps into the world of sport.

So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a performance kit for your school sports teams or if you are needing general all-purpose sportswear for every one of your pupils, PB Sport has solutions for all ages and all levels of fitness.


Many of our happy customers have seen a complete shift in attitude towards physical activity and willingness to embrace sport within their young people.

Look the part, feel the part

We believe that if your players look good, they’ll feel good and in turn they will be more likely to engage as a team and as an individual.

Having a stylish and professional looking kit has a really positive impact on behaviour and attitude, these are the things which motivate PB Sport to produce the very best garments to help with that.

Our technical sportswear

What separates PB Sport from other international sportswear suppliers is that we actually design, manufacture, embroider and print all of the garments ourselves. Not only do we use the latest technical fabrics, ensuring durability, comfort and performance, but our factory boasts state-of-the-art machinery, producing consistently high quality garments.

Whilst our sportswear designers are always looking to develop the ranges and introduce new styles, we appreciate that having chosen a range that reflects your schools identity, you will want to maintain your chosen style year on year. As manufacturers, this isn’t a problem for us.

Since we are far less reliant on other suppliers, we can give you delivery dates that you can trust. We provide high quality, performance sportswear supported by a reliable and efficient service.